Cain gets caught in the crossfire

After the riotous Christmas party for the workers of Home James Haulage, Moira wants Charity out of Butler’s Farm. So when Charity spills something over her, it gives Moira the perfect excuse to tell her to leave. As a fight breaks out between the two women, Cain returns from his trip to  France but seems unfazed by the fact he’s walked straight into World War Three! When he mentions that he’s lost his car, Moira’s thrown by his blasé attitude, and soon becomes clear that all is not well with Cain.
Ever since Kirin got together with Vanessa, his dad Rakesh has been worried that his son is settling down at such a young age. He thinks the teenager is growing old too soon and should be out having fun. When Rakesh tells him that he’s wasting his life and then brings his mum into the equation, Kirin flips! Later, he puts Rakesh and Priya straight about his relationship with Vanessa…
Elsewhere in the village, Robert tries to think of a way to get close to Aaron again and Edna asks Ashley if Harriet will be attending his carol concer. Is she ready to return to the church after her unceremonious sacking?