Faye stands her ground when Mark makes another attempt to get her to leave the village but she’s intrigued when he warns her to stay away from Cain. Faye later approaches Cain and asks him to reconsider taking Ryan on at the garage. Cain gives Ryan the good news then hints to Faye that they may see more of each other now he’s working with Ryan but Faye makes it clear that using Ryan to win her over isn’t going to work.

Val is determined to keep Diane away from Rodney. Diane offers Rodney Maisie’s shift at the pub but Val jumps in and lies that she’s already asked Pollard. Val’s plan backfires when Diane decides to take Rodney up on his offer of dinner, leaving Pollard in charge behind the bar. Over dinner, Rodney starts to reminisce about their marriage and Diane starts to feel uncomfortable.

Betty is furious when Eddy leaves his bike parts all over her front room and uses her tea towels as rags. Turner tries to appease Betty but she insists that Eddy has outstayed his welcome. Turner confesses to Eddy that Betty wants him to move out but Eddy has a reprieve when Lily offers him a room at hers.

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