Cain and Harriet are spotted kissing! But who is the witness?

Secret lovers Cain and vicar Harriet get passionate in the church – and someone sees them!

Harriet and Cain are sneaking off for a naughty night away – well, they’re meant to be if the vicar can prise herself out of the village and away from her parishioners! Emma, for one, is totally monopolising Harriet. In jest, Cain retaliates by locking Emma in a cupboard! Harriet sees the funny side and after letting Emma out, the vicar allows Cain to kiss her. Thing is, the vestry curtains aren’t properly shut… and someone sees them snog! Any guesses who?

Meanwhile, the secret cow rustler, Ross, is uncovered by Charity who tells him she wants a cut of the profits. But as Ross later tries to make a getaway across the fields, after ripping off his aunt’s livestock, he spies little Sarah Sugden, who’s hurt herself and fallen in a ditch! Will he help her or save himself?