Cain kicks off at Harriet for shopping him to the police!

Cain confronts Harriet knowing she's behind the night he's just spent in a police cell in Emmerdale.

Having spent a night in the cells, Cain heads straight over to see Harriet. He knows the vicar shopped him to the police after finding him stashing stolen goods in the church. With them having shared a few kisses, he thought they had a thing going on. Do they have a thing?

With the wedding looming, Pierce really wants to see the back of Vanessa who is doing all she can to split up him and fiancee Rhona. Will the vet take up his suggestion to go for a job in Scotland?

Victoria’s gutted that she and Adam aren’t pregnant as they’ve been trying for a long time. Adam feels uncomfortable when Diane offers to pay for them to go to a fertility clinic to find out if there’s a problem.