Cain has Aaron on his side

Cain is recovering, but not everyone is happy about that. Dead, Cain would no longer be able to torment Moira and her family, Jai and his family, Amy and her new family and even his own family. Alive, Cain is still very capable of making all of their lives a misery. And he’s very keen to get out of hospital, but he can’t ignore the pain he’s in…or the doctor’s prognosis, which is that it could take him many months to recover. Cain’s shocked and so is Aaron, who is by Cain’s side when he’s told. But Cain tells Aaron to keep his mouth shut; he doesn’t want his enemies knowing just how weak he is…

Ashley doesn’t want his parishioners knowing that Laurel strayed from him and is determined to go ahead with the ceremony to renew his vows with Laurel. Sandy – who has turned into the father-in-law from hell – is dead-set against this, but Ashley’s not listening to him.

No one’s really listening to Amy. She was set on having Kyle adopted, but Val and Zak have made it clear they want her to keep the baby and now she tells Val she just might do that.