Cain has some Charity in his heart

As soon as they laid eyes on each other again, Charity and Cain started the tongue-lashings. Then Cain went off in a sulk. But he’s back now and Debbie’s desperate for her mum and dad to get on. There’s no fun in that for Cain, though, is there? He enjoys letting slip to Jai that Charity used to be a prostitute and the war’s raging again! Later, at home, Cain continues to wind up Charity like a clockwork toy until she launches herself at him. Cain grabs her and… they lock lips!

Feeling a need to bare her soul, Leyla tells Gennie about her one-night stand with Nathan, saying maybe she did it because she felt she owes him. Gennie’s shocked and lends Leyla the money to repay Nathan and, hopefully, get him off her back. But a furious Nathan won’t take the cash and stuns Leyla when he tells her he’ll decide when she’s done enough to pay him back. What does that mean, exactly?

At the vicarage, Ashley’s irritated by the Bishop’s further interference in Sally and Vincent’s counselling sessions. But he’s also concerned that Sally seems unable to talk about her marriage problems. Just what is so wrong at home?

*Second episode, 8pm*

So, Cain and Charity kissed! Now what? Charity quickly makes it clear that she doesn’t want to go there again. She wants to move forward, not backwards. She tells Cain she hates being in Emmerdale; Noah doesn’t belong there and he’s her first concern, not Debbie and Sarah. She’s only there because she’s broke. Disgusted and dismayed, Cain offers her £20,000 to leave and never return and Charity snaps up the offer. Cain tells Chastity how easy it was to buy Charity’s departure but, when she tells Carl, he’s more interested in finding out where Cain’s getting £20,000 from.

At The Woolpack, Marlon’s bravado crumbles and he reveals to Moira that Donna has found someone else and wants a divorce. The slim strand of hope he was clinging to has been cut and he’s desperately unhappy. Moira gives him a pep talk, telling him he’s a good bloke and that she’ll be there whenever he needs her…

Ashley also wants to be there for Sally, who’s clearly not doing well with the counselling. Laurel tries – and fails – to get Sally to open up. Just what is so awful about Vincent that she can’t even talk about it?

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