Moira’s in hell at Butler’s Farm as the police arrive, desperate to find clues that could solve Alex’s death. As they ransack the place, Adam fears for his future. Wanting to help the Bartons, Cain creates a diversion so innocent Adam can leg it. But when the cops realise Adam’s done a runner, it only serves to make him look even guiltier.

Having received another demanding text message, Cameron drops off the latest loaded envelope and walks away. But the canny killer isn’t about to let his blackmailer get away with it. As he lies in wait, Amelia gets the shock of her young life as he catches her red-handed – and demands an explanation.

Palming off Victoria’s questions, Amy sneaks back to get another glimpse of Kyle. But Joanie spots her outside her house and is confused. Making up a story about a lost toy, Amy soon blags her way inside the house where she makes an offer that totally throws the gran.