Cain hits back at Adam!

Adam was so desperate to wreck Cain’s relationship with his mum that he was willing to pay a woman to seduce Cain. Moira wouldn’t want Cain after he’d cheated on her. But Cain didn’t cheat. Now he’s furious with Adam and Zak has to pull them apart. Good old Zak, he’s got his son’s back. But then he lets slip about Moira’s miscarriage and Adam goes ballistic. His mother was carrying Cain’s baby? He says things he shouldn’t and Zak can’t hold Cain back this time – he thumps Adam. When Moira returns and sees Adam’s black eye, Cain’s sure she’ll want him to leave… But it’s Adam who packs his bags.

If Robbie’s got any sense (and that’s a big ‘if’) he’ll pack his bags and head for the hills. Debbie has found out that her tormentor isn’t Kirk, it’s Robbie. She’s been the victim of his sick little game which is just poetic justice, really, when you think about the sick games she’s been playing with Chas and Cameron. Robbie doesn’t know that Debbie knows, though – yet.

Pollard doesn’t know that Val’s had one of her lightbulb moments… She’s planning for them to sell up and move to Portugal – where there’s 17.5 per cent unemployment, debts that make the UK’s deficit look like a small overdraft, and a population that’s emigrating. But it’s warmer, so that’s OK.