Cain is back!

Andy and Maisie angrily confront Debbie after getting a letter about custody from Natasha’s solicitor and as things get heated Debbie dunks Maisie in a horse trough! Andy tries to pull Debbie off, but she has to be dragged away by Lisa. Debbie dismally realises that she may have scuppered her chances of seeing Sarah, but when she returns home she’s stunned to find her dad Cain.

Laurel meets blind woman Lizzie Lakely through her community service. Experienced con artist Lizzie swipes some of Laurel’s money when they’re in the cafe and a confused Laurel is forced to pay Brenda twice. Lizzie talks Laurel into taking her for a drink at The Woolpack after they’ve finished for the day and when Laurel stops in at the shop, Lizzie pockets a few items. Lisa interrupts and recognises Lizzie as an old acquaintance and forces her to return everything she’s stolen.

Aaron makes another attempt to apologise to Victoria, but she won’t listen. Aaron later finds Victoria standing on a bridge above some water and dares her to jump, pretending not to care about what happens to her. Victoria sees through him and is touched to realise he still cares about her and they make friends again.