Cain kidnaps Rakesh!

Having enlisted Holly to dig for dirt on Belle’s love life, Cain thinks he’s got his man and has Rakesh blindfolded and tied to a chair in a barn!

As Holly panics about what she’s done, Cain tries to reassure her, all the while ignoring the panicked calls from Priya on her husband’s phone. But Cain’s ‘fun’ is soon over when Charity discovers that Belle’s been out all night with her boyfriend – meaning Cain must have got the wrong man!

As it dawns on Cain what he’s done, Rakesh makes a mistake of his own when he assumes his captor is someone who knows the truth about Kirin’s hit and run that killed teaching assistant Tess!

Emma’s lies to try to keep her sons together begin to spiral out of control when Pete tells Finn that she thinks she might have motor neurone disease. Suspicious it’s just a ploy to stop Pete moving to Scotland, can Finn find out the truth?

Elsewhere, Chas stresses out when Charity tells Diane she has enough cash to buy out her share of The Woolpack – can she persuade Diane not to sell up?