Don’t leave, I love you! Cain spells it out to Moira in Emmerdale shock

Cain tells Moira he still loves her and begs her to stay in the village

When Cain learns from Faith that Moira is planning on moving to Glasgow, he’s furious. Having ended his relationship with Harriet because of his deep-rooted feelings for his ex-wife, Cain can’t handle the thought of Moira not living in the village.

Up at Butler’s, he confronts Moira but storms out again as she tries to explain her decision to leave. However, later, following some wise words from Zak, Cain returns to the farm to fight for his love.

Moira reels as Cain announces he’s still in love with her and asks her to meet him on the bridge at 5pm if she feels the same…

It’s all very SATC but will Moira and Cain get to do the same as Steve and Miranda did on Brooklyn Bridge or is the dream of the couple reconciling well and truly over?

[First episode of the evening]