Cain makes an explosive decision!

*Episode two*

Burning issues between Cain and Adam continue… Adam doesn’t want Cain in his mum Moira’s life – but he does want Cain to help him hide his part in the hit and run on Kerry, which he committed in Cain’s car. Cain’s already reported his car stolen, so now what’s he going to do? In a bid to spare Moira any more heartache, Cain torches his car – destroying any evidence that Adam was ever in the driving seat. That’s Adam off the hook, but he leaves Cain dangling when Moira asks Cain if he’s the one who knocked Kerry over.

Andy and Amy have been left dangling while Kerry has been unconscious. They want to know if she lost the baby in the hit and run, but the doctor won’t tell them anything. Then Kerry regains consciousness, but she’s too weak to continue her lie: she admits she was never pregnant. Andy’s furious and Amy’s heartbroken… She didn’t want to believe her mother would lie about such a thing but now she has to.

Alicia has had doubts about her relationship with Dom; he, though, thinks they’re the hottest couple since Brangelina (but without the money, or the adopted kids, or the showbiz lifestyle…) and he wants her to move in with him and Gemma. Don’t do it, Alicia! David’s not married yet!