Faye has been playing a cat-and-mouse game with Cain, thinking she was the one with the claws, but when Cain roars she realises how wrong she was. She gets her reality check in The Woolpack, where she’s still toying with Cain to make Mark jealous. Natasha is also there and is furious when Mark takes the bait. But Cain has had enough and, in front of Natasha, says Mark can have Faye as he has no use for such a clingy tart. An angry Mark charges after Cain as he leaves the pub. Will he finally reveal his true feelings for wife number one?

As Cain’s in psycho mode, it’s probably best not to poke him with a stick but Debbie does just that by bringing Michael home. Cain spots his car but Michael manages to sneak out of the house. On the street, Cain is angry as Michael defiantly states that he’ll do what he wants. Will Michael regret his act of bravado?

Back in The Woolpack, Paddy is trying to drown his sorrow over Chas’s betrayal. But is there enough ale in the cellar to make him feel better, or will it take something – or someone – else?