Moira Dingle reels as husband Cain tells her the shock truth about the acid attack on her nephew Ross Barton. The farmer is stunned as he explains how his daughter Debbie Dingle had paid Simon to hurt Joe Tate, a plan which went awry and ended in Ross having acid thrown over him, in a case of mistaken identity. Though Debbie didn’t know Simon was going to use acid to hurt Joe she was, nonetheless, the instigator. It’s bitterly painful news for Moira, who blames drug dealer Simon for her daughter Holly’s fatal overdose. Will Moira tell the police – and Ross?

When a picture of Tracy Metcalfe and DI Bails appears in the paper, Vanessa Woodfield is horrified to realise her unaware sister has been spending time with her girlfriend’s rapist. After she shows it to Charity, the women head out to find Tracy, worried that she is in danger… Is she?

Graham Foster has got a thing for Megan Macey and is excited ahead of their meeting. Afterwards, over a drink with the glam business woman, Graham admits he’s an alcoholic.

First episode of the evening.