Moira has always known that Cain is as unpredictable as the weather: sometimes sunny, sometimes dark – and sometimes violent and destructive. She seems to have thought that she could be his climate control, though. Silly woman. There is no controlling Cain… He has given Cameron a hiding and now Zak is worried because when Cain starts throwing his weight around innocent people get hurt.

Zak turns to Moira and reveals that he was the one who nearly killed out-of-control Cain last winter. Zak’s trying to make Moira see how much he needs her help but all Moira sees is that she needs to finish with Cain. He’s devastated, but she’s determined – the picture she has of Cain is not one she wants to look at any more.

Chas doesn’t think Cameron’s such a pretty picture any more, either. She saw his ugly side as he was about to whack Cain with a wrench and it was a complete turn-off. But Cameron wins Chas over with an apology and an engagement ring. Oh, Chas! Start thinking with your head, not your heart!

Katie’s thinking she can’t be Molly’s godmother. It’s killing her to be around Gennie’s baby when she knows she’ll never have a baby of her own. And it’s killing Declan that she confides in Andy, not him…