Cain orders Holly to leave and never return

*Second episode*

Out in the middle of nowhere, Cain is confronting Dean and attacks one of his heavies. Holly’s devastated when drug dealer Dean makes his getaway – but Cain has a further plan in store… Later, he pulls up at a bus stop and tells his stepdaughter to go and never come back. When Holly fights back with a threat of her own, how will the scenario end? Will she go or will she stay?

In the shop, Liv kicks off at David about his prices and starts lobbing fruit at him! When Chas learns Liv has been rifling through her things, she suggests Aaron’s troublesome half-sister moves back home until after the trial.

In the pub, Victoria’s birthday continues with drinking games. Unaware Andy is having a sneaky, passionate fling with Chrissie, she jumps into the farmer’s arms just has Chrissie walks into the Woolie! Andy’s left worried he’s blown it with his older woman lover.

At the factory, Dr Bailey drops off Belle, who’s lied about her age to the older doctor. It’s quite clear the pair fancy each other.