Cain punches his way into Belle’s love life (VIDEO)

While Belle is convinced Bailey will get her off the hook with the police, Lachlan’s not so sure the married man will step up to save her skin. Overhearing Bailey talking to Lachlan, Angie starts to get suspicious and heads to the Dingles to talk to Belle… Later, Cain turns up with bloodied knuckles. Realising her big bad brother has confronted Bailey about the affair, devoted teen Belle races over to the hospital to see Bailey.

Elsewhere, having had a bad tummy after eating at the Woolie, Pollard wants answers! Pierce gets involved and soon twigs that Marlon, the chef, meant to spike his meal but Pollard ended up getting his order! Will Pierce calm down the situation and stop Pollard from taking things further – or expose Marlon for malpractice?

Forced into a corner, Laurel tells her dementia sufferer hubby Ashley about the social worker’s visit and the decision that was made about the vicar being deemed unfit to be alone with his kids. Ashley is crestfallen – and feels bitterly betrayed by his wife and friends.