What devious Dingle Cain wants he usually gets – as Natasha has learned the hard way. She pays him off, but realises that this is no one-time deal and that sooner or later her murder of Mark will leak out. Rather than wait for that to happen, Natasha decides it’s time to ‘fess up and reveal what she did to her bigamist husband… and where she buried him.

While her mother has been keeping a dark secret, Maisie hasn’t hesitated to tell people what’s on her mind – her lack of success in seducing Nikhil. Trouble is, word gets back to Nikhil that he’s been more of a damp squib than a red-hot lover and he’s not happy about it. He doesn’t want a girl who gossips and tells Maisie she’s dumped. Well, that’s one way of making sure they don’t have to get jiggy with it. But why is Nikhil so determined to refuse what Maisie is offering on a plate? That’s what Jai wants to know – and Nikhil finally tells him…

If only Carl and Holly had Nikhil’s willpower. Carl’s finding flirty Eve irresistible and taks a long-distance driving job to get away from temptation. Holly’s back on the drugs – and Aaron sees her.

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