Cain puts Robbie in his place!

What a silly little boy rotten Robbie really is – and Cain’s only too happy to point that out to him. Cain’s sweet when he’s being good, but when he’s bad he’s much better! And he’s being good old menacing Cain because Robbie stole money from Moira and offered it to Debbie for the work Cain did on Moira’s car for free. Robbie thought he was being clever, but of course he wasn’t. He messed with Cain’s woman and he was always going to have to pay for that. Debbie won’t give Cain the money back so Cain empties Robbie’s wallet and tells him to behave himself. Robbie’s smart enough to be scared, but Debbie…well, she’s all about the money, money, money and doesn’t care what Cain or Moira thinks.

Katie is still insisting someone pays for her dead horse (there are some meat suppliers who would give her a good price…) and it still looks like that someone is going to be Vanessa. Rhona’s taken legal advice and is told that she could lose her veterinary practice unless she sacrifices Vanessa. Rhona doesn’t want to do that, so Vanessa makes it easy for her and resigns.

Megan knows that Debbie will never make life easy for her little boy, Robbie, and is worried about him working for her. She should be, too…