Cain’s parenting skills are put on the line after devastating news about Joanie has the Dingle family reeling. Can Cain, who’s well aware his son Kyle is scared of him, find the right words to make his little boy feel OK?

A shock discovery in a barn at Butler’s has Moira fuming. She’s livid when she finds a stolen car stashed inside, which has been put there by Ross. When Ross explains his reasons, Moira calms down a tad. Later, the farmer has a nightmare meeting with a client. Things don’t go to plan, pushing Moira to seek revenge by stealing the man’s car! Will she team up with Ross and start a dodgy car racket to boost the coffers at Butler’s?

Flirty Frank’s eye starts to wander as his interest is piqued by Charity. His attraction, however, doesn’t stop the ladies’ man accepting an invite to current squeeze Megan’s place!


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