At Home Farm you could cut the atmosphere with a knife as the dinner party from Hell continues. Having shared an illicit kiss, Cain and Chrissie are feeling dead uncomfortable around their spouses while Robert, who knows all about it thanks to Harriet’s detective work, is holding all the cards. Alone in the kitchen with Robert, Cain throws his host against the wall. Robert then rolls out his demand: the mechanic must find Victoria and Adam or Moira will be the next person to see the incriminating photo.

When Chrissie walks in, Robert shows her the pic and acts the hurt, betrayed husband…

Having seen Joanie’s burgled home, Lisa insists Joanie and Kyle come to stay with her and Zak. Kerry’s thrilled, hoping she can connect with her grandson, but his adoptive gran, Joanie, is going to be hard to get round.

A familiar face returns leaving Carly and Bob wondering what is going to happen next especially where the shop is concerned. Why is David back from Portugal?