Cain shocks Charity with his suspicions

Cain’s been watching Cameron and Debbie closely and is convinced that there’s something going on between them again. But Charity’s been a lot closer to Debbie lately than Cain, so he asks her what she thinks. And Charity thinks Cain is seeing things. She’s convinced Debbie would never let herself be loved by Cameron again after he hurt her so badly by leaving her for Chas. Cain wants her to be right, but he needs more proof. A gentle chat with Sarah tells Cain what he didn’t want to hear: Cameron’s been coming around to see her mummy… a lot.

Nicola hears something she never expected to: Steve tells her he’s wiping her debt; she doesn’t have to pay him back the thousands of pounds she owes him. That should be good news, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Rhona doesn’t feel great. She wants drugs, but doesn’t have any – and Vanessa won’t give her any. So she tells Paddy she’s not feeling well and he, loving husband that he is, says he’ll go and get her something from the chemist. But Vanessa finds out and goes ballistic – and might say things she shouldn’t about how just much Rhona means to her.