Cain smacks Zak!

Cain’s always had a mean streak, but since Charity put him in his place (and it’s not with her) it has grown worse. He swaggers into The Woolpack looking for trouble and Jai is there, ready to take him on. Zak steps in and gets Cain outside, trying to save his son from his own venomous temper. But Cain needs to hurt somebody and he turns on dad, thumping him in the face. Oooooh, that’s definitely against Dingle law! But Cain’s unstoppable and calls Zak a coward, saying he stood by and let Lisa be raped. Now Lisa’s furious and she slaps Cain. But she can’t knock any sense into him.

Someone needs to knock some sense into Marlon. He’s ignoring Laurel and she tells him he has to act as if everything’s fine between them, otherwise Sandy won’t be the only one with suspicions. After all, they’ve got Leo’s christening to get through – and Laurel’s the godmother. Marlon can’t ignore her there… Can he?

Rachel’s very good at ignoring hostility (from Chas, Nicola etc) and quietly getting what she wants. First, the job in the pub and next… Well, she wants Brook Cottage for her sister and knows she has to outwit Nicola.