Cain sticks up for Faye

Ryan has recovered from the van crash and Nathan invites him for a drink, leaving Mark rattled. Mark has food for thought when Sam talks about Samson and the depth of love you feel for your firstborn. Later, Mark confronts Faye at Tennant’s and demands she leave the village, but they are interrupted when Cain turns up and asks if everything is OK. Mark leaves but Faye curtly tells Cain that she can look after herself.

John and the Bartons go to the Woolpack for lunch. Holly sees Aaron and compliments him on his efforts to stop the runaway van and Aaron’s chuffed by the attention. Zak invites John to drink with him and the Dingles as a thank you for sticking up for Aaron, but John makes it clear that he’s not about to share a drink with someone who stole from him.

Rodney is sent home by Mark and he’s terrified he could lose his job. Rodney shares his worries with Diane and Val is horrified when Diane reassures Rodney that there will always be a place for him at The Woolpack if he’s in need. Val is relieved when Nathan later tells Rodney that his job is safe.

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