Debbie tells Cain about what’s been happening with Sarah and he marches her straight over to Butlers to see her daughter. Andy is out and Maisie tries to stop Cain and Debbie, but to no avail. When Andy gets back he’s horrified to see Cain and tells Maisie that Cain is a psycho and his return changes everything. Cain tells the delighted Dingles that he’s back in the village to stay.

Cain decides to pay the Kings a visit and Jimmy is fuming and demands he return the millions he stole from the family, but Cain wants to put the past behind them. Carl jokingly accepts, but Jimmy is incensed. When Cain makes reference to Tom and Matthew’s deaths Jimmy snaps and thumps Cain in the face. Cain dares Carl to punch him and Carl lays into him forcing Eli and Marlon to pull Carl off.

Mark is shaken when Faye texts him and badgers him to get in touch. Mark ignores her, but receives the shock of his life when Faye jumps out while he’s out riding. Debbie spots Mark with Faye while she’s driving back with Cain. Back home Natasha is worried about Mark’s strange behaviour and fears there is a problem in their relationship.