Cain stuns Moira with his declaration

OK, who took rude wrong ‘un Cain and replaced him with this… well, this nice, reasonable man who looks like Cain and calls himself Cain but sure doesn’t talk like Cain?! This friendly Cain’s not only talking nice to Chas – he also tells Moira he loves her! Yes, he does! This more sensitive Cain is hurt when Moira goes out of her way to avoid him. So he goes to see her. Moira tells him she doesn’t want a man who’s trouble, she wants a man who will love her. And Cain tells her that’s what she’s got! It’s hard to tell who’s more shocked, Moira or Cain. So Cain leaves her to think about what he’s just said – and he goes away to think about what he’s just said!

Belle has thought about what Lisa and Zak have said and she’s not happy. They’re ruining her life! She can’t go anywhere, she can’t see Thomas, she can’t even use her phone. She moans to Gemma, who tells her to say sorry and be a good girl for a while and then all will be forgiven and forgotten. So that’s exactly what Belle does.

Paddy’s halfway through his six-month suspension from his job and has yet to find a way to make himself useful. That’s how he ends up in Marlon’s kitchen, ready to go to work – whether Marlon wants him or not.