Cain takes the blame for Moira!

Cain steps in to 'save' troubled Moira from more strife…

*Second episode* At the scene of the accident, Cain checks over Jacob while Moira tends to Pete, who she’s hit with her van. Cain insists on taking the blame. As they wait for the ambulance to arrive, nurse Emma stays with her son who’s unconscious. As tempers flare between Leyla and Emma, Moira’s guilt rises over hiding her responsibility for the situation. Later, Leyla and Tracy rush into the hospital with Jacob, who’s since collapsed. When the police arrive to ask questions about the incident, will Cain continue to take the blame?

At Mulberry, Laurel’s baffled to find someone has put up a Christmas tree for them. But who?

Also, when Zak suggests Lisa get a Christmas tree from the grounds of Home Farm, his ex offers to go with him to pinch it. Elsewhere, Finn worries about taking his relationship with Kasim to the next level.