Cain takes a swing at James!

Cain Dingle takes a swipe at James as his marriage to Moira falls apart

*First episode*

Just as Cain Dingle is on the point of making up with Moira, James storms in and spoils it all. Having found out about Cain and Charity’s kiss, James is quick to tell Moira, leaving Cain furious and determined to punch him! As further secrets emerge, Cain is on the warpath with James…

With Nicola having tried to kiss Dan, things are a little awkward! But Nicola’s left feeling totally crushed when he tells her he can’t give her any more physio.

Belle has no idea what to say when Joanie asks her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding to Belle’s dad Zak. Elsewhere, Finn’s forced to improvise when he’s let down on a booking he’d organised to commemorate last year’s helicopter tragedy.