Crafty Cain fights dirty by saying he’ll tell Moira he saw farmer John kissing flirty filly Eve if he doesn’t fork out what he owes for his Land Rover. John pays up but Cain can’t resist spreading some muck and tells Moira her husband has been playing the field with Eve. Moira thinks Cain’s winding her up and marches home to tell John, who is forced to admit that he did, indeed, kiss Eve. It’s like a slap in the face to Moira and she retaliates by slapping John and throwing him out. Now he has to find a doghouse to crawl into…

Doug’s another villager forced to change address. Having fought and lost the battle for Diane’s affections, he feels out of place living at The Woolpack, so he moves back in with Laurel and Ashley. Well, he’ll get plenty of tea and sympathy there. And he’ll need it, because it looks like he’s going to lose his job, too.

Declan has noticed what keen viewers spotted months ago: there’s not enough trade to support the farm shop. He tells Natasha they need to close it, but she doesn’t agree. Surprisingly, Maisie sprouts a head for business and tells her mum Declan’s right. Will that change Natasha’s mind?

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