Cain tries to run James off the road!

Behind the wheel of his car, Cain Dingle plans to run his rival James off the road

*Second episode*

Cain Dingle’s spitting with rage and determined to make James pay for ruining his second chance with Moira. When he spies James leaving Butler’s in his car, Cain races after him in his, and prepares to ram him off the road…

Poorly Belle is in the middle of a spell of psychosis and is convinced her friend Ellie, who she’s imagined, is giving her advice on what to do. Will Belle tell Joanie she’ll be her bridesmaid when Lisa gives her daughter her blessing while Ellie prohibits it?

Emma’s not happy when Cain warns her to keep James away from his wife, Moira. Backed into a corner, James reveals Moira’s secret and tells Emma that Holly’s back on drugs.