Not about to use the softly-softly approach, Cain turns to violence to try to get a confession out of Charity. He’s highly suspicious that his vindictive ex has had a hand in framing Rachel knowing that she’d do anything to get revenge on Jai for his one-night stand with the cleaner, who went on to bear his lovechild. Will the threat of being drowned push Charity to reveal her evil deeds?

Jai stuns Sam by suggesting they team up to try to find Rachel and Archie. The factory boss offers to foot the bill for any expenses – and to pay for a hotshot lawyer once they’ve located the cleaner. But should Sam trust Jai, who’s still fuming about being left off his son’s birth certificate?

Unaware that Val may have contracted HIV following her fling in Portugal, Pollard is merrily milking his illness, loving the reaction he’s getting from his worried wife. Victoria catches him heating up the thermometer and urges him to stop messing with Val. But Pollard’s later left in no mood for kindness when he spies his cheating wife getting out of her holiday fling’s car.