Cain turns on Nikhil to get to Jai

First Maisie binned poor Nikhil, now he’s binned by Cain… but not in quite the same way. This time, Nikhil’s humiliation is the result of Cain’s determination to keep Jai away from Charity. Cain told Jai all about Charity’s past as a prostitute and Jai still hasn’t run away. In fact, he and Charity agree to put the past behind them – and that includes Cain.

That’s not the result Cain was hoping for so he changes tactics… Turning on Nikhil, Cain tells him he had better get his brother to keep his hands off Charity and, just so Nikhil’s absolutely clear that he means business, Cain ties him up, gags him, and dumps him in one of the factory’s industrial bins. There’s definitely no love lost between Cain and the Sharma brothers…

Nicola’s efforts to remind Jimmy of the love they had push him further away. Carl takes Jimmy to the church and tells him about his wedding day. Jimmy remembers nothing but holds out hope when Carl talks about how much Jimmy loves Nicola.

Meanwhile, at the factory, they need a new PA and Jai offers the job to Gennie… the former hairdresser and current toffee-packer. Well, why not..?

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