Cain is not happy when he’s called out to visit Joanie, his love child’s adoptive gran, who’s fallen on hard times. Though he bungs her some cash to help her get back on track, he warns her he has no desire to see her or Kyle ever again. Things at home are terrible, too. He’s cross that Moira doubts his fidelity, thanks to Emma’s announcement that he’s probably the father of Charity’s baby. He lies to Moira about where he’s going as he heads up to the prison to talk to his jailbird ex, but their meeting does not go well. Meanwhile, determined to know if her husband has spawned another son, Moira orders a DNA tester kit.

Feeling guilty about telling James about Emma’s meddling, Finn comes clean to his mum, and then tries to make things better by setting her up on a date.

Robert tells private detective Harriet he reckons Cain knows where Adam and Victoria are hiding out. Meanwhile, Chrissie clocks her husband handing Ross some cash and wonders what Robert is up to.