Andy’s chuffed as Moira has agreed to help him find out where Debbie is so he can try to make contact with his kids. But Holly knows about their secret arrangement and after catching her mum going through Cain’s laptop, she tells her stepdad what’s going on. Setting a trap for Moira, Cain leaves out his mobile phone to see if she’ll rifle through that, too.

Meanwhile, Andy’s shaken when Cain turns on him and warns him not to make problems for him and Moira. As for Moira, she’s furious with her daughter for stirring up trouble and a row erupts.

It’s time for David to have a scan to find out more about the lump in his testicle. He’s terrified but refuses Leyla’s offer of support. Tracy, meanwhile, is getting really jealous to see Leyla and David becoming so close again, and puts her foot in it.

Robert worries that Aaron has taken on too much with Liv who’s got serious amounts of attitude.