Cain’s back – and Jai’s in trouble!

Nobbled Cain hobbles back into the village and is upset because Zak isn’t there to greet him. Really! He has thumped his dad and mercilessly humiliated him, but now he wants his support. He’s lucky he hasn’t been met by a lynch mob! But in Cain’s twisted mind this isn’t about how he has made many villagers suffer – he’s the victim and Jai is going to pay. Charity doesn’t believe Jai attacked Cain – but the police do. While Jai’s trying to steady his nerves with a drink, the police turn up and take him in for questioning. Cain’s delighted – and he’ll be over the moon when he hears that Jai has been charged with attempted murder.

Chas isn’t happy to hear from Carl that Cameron is setting up a business down south and is planning to do a runner. She can understand him being upset about Debbie’s desperate bid to fall pregnant, but she didn’t think he was a quitter.

Ashley doesn’t think Laurel’s being honest with him when she says she has to go out to a meeting. His trust in her has gone – and that doesn’t bode well for their future.