Cain’s birthday horror!

It’s Cain’s birthday, but he’s walking around like a bear with a sore head. He thinks no one’s bothered to do anything to celebrate it, but he’s unaware that his wife Moira has arranged a surprise party at The Woolpack. When he turns up at the pub he’s bemused to see everyone wearing a mask with his face on it. Moira, however, is nowhere to be found, but the celebrations are cut short when news reaches Cain that she’s been run off the road!

Elsewhere, DI Bails has agreed to drop the charges against Pete if he can get Charity to confess to arson. So, before heading out to the Woolie, Cain is shocked to learn that Debbie has been trying to force a confession from her mum so she can get her fella off the hook. It turns out that Charity has a bit of history with DI Bails and he now has a grudge against her. Will Charity turn herself into the police so she can save Pete from going to prison and repair her fractured relationship with Debbie?

Vanessa’s fed up with Kirin acting like a big kid, especially where college and his dad are concerned, so she spontaneously dumps her teen lover. Later, however, she begins to regret her actions so she gives Kirin a call and asks him to come over so they can talk. Excited, Kirin leaves the party fuelled with booze and gets in his car…