Cain’s hit with another shock revelation

*Second episode*

Adam is disgusted that James did the dirty on his brother John, who Adam still believes was his real father, and punches him! Meanwhile, Cain, who didn’t even know Moira and James had a history, is strangely calm as he asks to speak to her in private. Once they’re alone, however, he’s furious at Moira for lying to him and storms off. And, later, when Moira goes to talk to him, she makes things a whole lot worse by revealing James is Adam’s dad!

Leyla got a shock when she received her bank statement and discovered that her savings were dwindling fast, so she decided to invest the money she had left before it all disappeared. After hearing that the factory’s finances need a cash injection, Leyla tells Jai that she wants to invest in the business. What she doesn’t realise though is that Megan has already made a similar proposition and is waiting for Jai to give her the go-ahead to invest…

With Sean down in the dumps over Belle, Dan asks him to be his best man at his wedding to Kerry, but he’s less than enthused about the idea. What will it take to lift Sean out of his depression?