*Hour episode*

Men, women, children – they’re all just puppets to Cain; he loves to pull their strings and make them do exactly what he wants. When Charity cut her strings, though, he lost control of her – and that’s made him even more of a menace. Priya thinks she’s having fun with Cain, but he’s pulling her strings, using her to get at Jai and his family. He gets her in a hotel room, wears her out, then texts a photo of her sleeping to Jai. But Jai’s already furious with Cain… His dad has had a car crash and the garage suspects foul play – and Jai knows Cain is a very dirty player.

Ashley is usually a fair player – although he lost sight of the rules when psycho Sally was around. But what is his game plan now that he knows about Laurel and Marlon? He’s avoiding Laurel yet he has posted the invitations to their vows renewal. That’s a good sign… Isn’t it?

Nicky’s not getting any good signs from Gennie any more and he accepts defeat. He tells Paddy and Rhona that Gennie’s moved on and so must he – out of Emmerdale.