Cal gets called by a beautiful patient!

This week Cal wakes up naked, hung over and late for work on a hotel bathroom floor!

Later at the ED, Cal rushes to the aid of patient Taylor Ashbie (guest star Sarah Jayne Dunn) who arrives in the ED suffering from chest pains. Clearly taken with the beautiful Taylor, serial womaniser Cal keeps popping in to chat, even though Zoe and Lofty are treating her.

It turns out Taylor is a medic who works in crisis areas around the world for various charities. But despite feeling unwell, she’s no pushover and, when Cal comes sniffing round her one time too many, she tells him to get stuffed!

Yet at the end of her treatment, Taylor relents and gets Cal’s number. But will she ever call, and has Cal finally met his match?

Following last week’s violent outburst, this week Ash returns to his grief counselling sessions. However, despite the fact Dixie has told Ash she doesn’t blame him for the death of her husband Jeff, Ash continues to struggle.

Ash attempts to be on his best behaviour, not least because clinical lead Connie has appointed Dylan to supervise him at work. Yet the cracks soon begin to show, and Ash’s actions have serious repercussions for a number of patients.

Elsewhere, Max continues to try and decipher the nature of Zoe and Dylan’s relationship. He changes his hairstyle, in a bid to catch her attention – to the amusement of his colleagues!

Meanwhile, Connie struggles to juggle motherhood and medicine. She reluctantly turns to Grace’s grandmother Audrey to help out on the home front.