Cal mobilises the junior doctors to take on Sam

Sam announces budget cuts, so doctor Cal Knight organises a protest… Does he have a hidden agenda?

Tempers flare in Holby ED when Sam sends experienced consultants home to save the hospital money!

Shockwaves rippled though the ED when Medical Director Sam Strachan initially announced cost cutting measures for the hospital. This week Sam puts his words into actions as he cuts both non-contracted overtime and the locum budget. With experienced consultants such as Dylan Keogh being sent home its now up to junior doctors Cal, Ethan, Lily and Alicia to bear the brunt of patient care!

Cal (Richard Winsor) is furious and proposes the junior doctors work-to-rule as a show of solidarity with the consultants. But when Cal breaks the news to Sam, he doesn’t take it lying down. Sam reveals ambitious Cal’s only angry because his surgical rotation has been cut!

Sam thinks he’s managed to discredit ringleader, Cal, but when two arson victims are left fighting for their lives and only one of them survives, disgusted Cal has a vicious showdown with Sam in the ED. Cal angrily announces he’s going to the union to organise a strike and destroy Sam’s plans.

Will anyone support Cal or will his actions be seen as self-serving?

Cal strikes back

Elle’s in hell, as she realises her teenage son is growing up…


Also this week, paramedic playboy, Jez (Lloyd Everitt), wakes up in Elle’s house – beside her teenage son! Has the local Lothario crossed an unforgivable line? Sparks to fly when both Elle and Jez’s girlfriend Louise (Azuka Oforka) discover what’s happened under their noses…

Alicia has a feeling of paranoia at work. Why are people laughing and suddenly turning off their phones when she approaches? The junior doctor soon finds out when saucy images with her face superimposed on are sent to her phone. Will anyone help devastated Alicia uncover the cruel culprit?


Casualty week 16

Alicia is shocked when she discovers doctored naked selfies of her are doing the rounds at work