Caleb punches Ravi!

Ash is relieved when Ravi agrees to help out with the Relish reopening. Ravi persuades Zak, Caleb and Archie to help and the launch is a huge success. Ravi gets on well with Caleb but Ash resents being the butt of Ravi’s jokes and maliciously tells macho boy Caleb that Ravi is bisexual. A homophobic Caleb attacks his new mate.

Zoe is worried about her future with just one more day to go before the degree results are revealed and realises that if she wants to go to Bournemouth University she’ll have to sleep with Adrian.

Zoe sets off to Adrian’s office and he’s smug when he sees her but he’s stunned when she throws his indecent offer back in his face and leaves without her degree, but with her dignity.

Josh confesses to a disapproving Rhys that he wants to sack Hayley from the band because her disability could jeopardise their chances with promoter Rob. Josh secretly calls up Michaela and asks her to take Hayley’s place, leaving Hayley devastated. Josh is left another band member down when a furious Rhys discovers Josh has sold all his records.

Also, Lauren hopes for a reunion with a guilty Newt, who calls things off with Theresa.

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