Call 999! Violet’s in big trouble

*First episode*

A pregnant Violet is feeling under the weather and when she gets a sharp pain in her shoulder, she puts it down to sleeping in an awkward position. Liz sends the sickly Violet home, but she becomes seriously worried when the pain becomes almost unbearable. Violet manages to call 999 but she collapses next to the phone…

Jamie is still trying to deal with talking to Danny the previous night and he’s incensed that Danny knew about his split from Frankie. Sean tries to convince Jamie to make a new start in the New Year by putting last year’s troubles behind him. But a wound-up Jamie is suspicious that someone on the street is informing on him and he accuses Sean, Violet and Liam of spying for his dad!

Eileen is getting more frustrated by Jason’s lack of interest in his daughter and his insistence on passing her on to social services to deal with. An angry Eileen points out that Jason is behaving just like his own irresponsible father and Jason is shamed into agreeing to let Holly stay with them – but it’s clear that he’s not ready to embrace fatherhood and Eileen will be left doing all the work.

Also, Michelle and Ryan move into the Kabin flat, much to Norris’s horror! And Michelle is angry to discover that Steve made her work on New Year’s Eve to keep her away from Sonny.

*Second episode, 9.00pm*

Violet is discovered sprawled unconscious on the floor by the paramedics and she is rushed to hospital.

A terrified Eileen is afraid that they are going to lose her when she’s told that Violet’s condition is very serious. Michelle, Sean, Eileen, and Jamie wait anxiously in the hospital and discover that she has suffered an ectopic preganancy and her shoulder pain was sign of internal bleeding in that area. Violet eventually comes round after an emergency operation, but she’s told to be prepared for bad news…

Jason is forced to play dad when he’s left alone with Holly, but he can’t get the baby to settle. Desperate for some help, he gives Sarah a call and she reluctantly comes over to help out.

Liam is angry when he gets a call from the elusive Danny and learns that Danny has sold his share of the factory without talking to Liam first. Liam worries about who his new partner could be.

Also, Janice waits in for a plumber to fix her heating and is pleasantly surprised when the plumber, who’s called Roger, turns out to be a charmer!