Callum and Gemma blackmail Bethany

Gemma tells Bethany that Callum wants her to give him an alibi for Jason’s attack. Bethany refuses, but Gemma phones Callum who shows her pictures of Sarah clearly drugged on the sofa at No 8. Callum tells Bethany that she’ll do as she’s told or Sarah gets it. Terrified, Bethany is forced to agree and when Gail, David, Kylie and Sarah later celebrate Callum’s downfall, she’s overwhelmed with guilt.

Fed up with Carla’s self-pity, Nick tells her to get a grip and a row ensues. Later, Nick persuades Aidan that, with his support, Carla can turn the business around and they’ll be sitting on a goldmine.

Liz, Lloyd and Erica share a few bottles of wine and laugh as they compare their car-crash love lives. Liz wonders if Lloyd and Erica might be a good match, but Lloyd later leaves a message on Andrea’s phone admitting how much he misses her.

Tyrone confides in Kevin about Hope’s condition and Fiz and Tyrone are grateful for his support as he calls at No 9 with some beers.