Callum and Rani turn the tables on Sophie

Having discovered Sophie’s deception, Callum and Rani decide to turn the tables on her by pretending they’re really falling for each other, successfully making her so uncomfortable she decides to head home. Unfortunately, she lets Paul know what’s happened and he calls Ajay with the hope of stirring things up.

An angry Ajay finds Callum and Rani alone together and insists Toadie and Sonya come home early to deal with the situation. Toadie assures Callum he’s done nothing wrong, though he’s convinced romance is blossoming between him and Rani. Meanwhile, Sophie finds she now has nobody to hang out with.

Kyle is thrilled when gran Sheila arrives for a surprise visit. She mistakes Kate for Jade and likes her but, when she eventually meets the real Jade, Sheila tells Kyle she doesn’t think Jade is the girl for him.

Still desperate to repay Kyle, Lou’s plans to become a teacher at the new Community Centre don’t work out. But when he proves popular at a seniors’ dance class, Lou comes up with a new idea.