Callum makes it obvious that he’s trying to avoid Danielle and Stacey is angry that he’s upset her. Stacey accuses him of leading on Danielle to make her jealous. Callum slinks off to find Danielle and he asks her on a date. Callum tells Garry he’s resorting to Plan B – persuade Danielle to dump him by pretending to be boring!

Jack discovers his commendation medal is missing and he asks Bradley if he saw it when he was in the flat. Bradley denies seeing the medal but remembers that Max was at the flat and he confronts him. Max denies having the medal but he has it secretly stashed in his briefcase. Max returns the medal and says ‘I know’ to a confused Jack, who is left rattled.

Tony sneaks into Whitney’s room first thing in the morning but when Tiffany catches him in the room Whitney has to invent a hasty excuse. Pat arranges for Bianca and Tony to have some time together but Tony spends his time secretly texting love messages to Whitney. A controlling Tony is angry when Whitney reveals that she’s acting in the school play.

Also, Peggy organises a family portrait; Charlie discovers a stray cat.