Callum asks to see Sonya

In the middle of the night, Callum spots Toadie looking at the photos Lucas brought round and it’s clear he’s upset. The next day, there’s a knock at the door, but no one there, just an envelope on the doormat, filled with more baby photos. Sonya notices some of her photos are missing and when she realises Lucas took them, she tells him he should mind his own business.

Shortly after, Sonya gets a message from Callum saying he wants to see her. She agrees but tells him to tell Toadie, which, of course, he doesn’t. When Toadie finds out Callum wasn’t with Sophie as he said, he asks where he really was.

Charlie is struggling with the new look of the house, and Lyn worries that every time the door goes, he thinks Steph will be there. Trying to make the house more homely, Lyn asks Kyle to put some photos up. And as luck would have it Lyn mentions she has a spare room.

A soon-to-be-homeless Kyle decides to make himself indispensable to Lyn, hoping she’ll offer him the room, but when she realises, she tells him she would rather not rent it out. That is until she sees how good Kyle is with Charlie and she tells him to move in right away.

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