Callum bids farewell to Ramsay Street

Sonya convinces Josie to come to Callum’s goodbye party. Josie tells Callum there’s no way he will want to be hamstrung by a girlfriend back home, which is why she’s breaking up with him. But Callum suggests they stay together until he gets on the plane the next day. Josie readily agrees and when Callum asks Toadie if Josie can stay the night, Toadie agrees but Sonya’s furious. Her coolness towards him carries into the next day as Callum says his farewells. Toadie tackles Sonya, and she gives it to him with both barrels. Toadie fires back, and it’s clear their marriage is crumbling.

Georgia asks Kyle about the Facebook picture of the attractive female backpacker, but Kyle claims he can’t remember the night clearly. Kyle does what he can to reassure her, urging his cousin Dane to contact Georgia and set her straight. Following the contact from Dane, Georgia is still none the wiser, but realises that she trusts Kyle, no matter what.

Amber has a moment with Daniel, but quickly brushes it aside. She decides to set him up with Imogen, hopeful that if he’s out of reach, she will stop yearning for him.

Karl recruits his neighbours to help convince Libby to stay in Erinsborough, but their unsubtle prodding makes Libby twig. She tackles her father gently – she’s happy with her life at the moment, and won’t be coming back to Ramsay Street.