Callum blackmails David into being his alibi

Callum tells David the police are onto him and he wants David to provide him with an alibi. David’s furious, but Callum makes it clear that if he doesn’t comply, he’ll reveal to Max that he’s his real dad. As Katy waits for Callum in the bistro, the police call at No 8. Later, Callum promises to spoil Katy rotten.

Liz reckons that what Steve needs is tough love while Michelle thinks they should go easy on him. Tony does his best to act as mediator and the two women make up, realising they both want the best for Steve. Meanwhile, Eileen finds Steve at Street Cars and tries to make him see that he’s not alone. Convinced he’s nothing but a burden, Steve tells Michelle she’d be better off without him.

Roy bids an emotional farewell to Hayley as he scatters her ashes into the boating lake. He later tells Tyrone and Chesney he’d like to resume his driving lessons in Woody.

When Faye is spotted in town Anna confronts her about bunking off school. Norris admits that he was responsible for puncturing Simon’s football and Maddie agrees to call it quits. Gail returns with news of Michael’s operation. Steph reminds Gavin that now it’s time to tell Michael the truth.