Sarah stares in disbelief as Callum gently prises the gun off Max. Horrified at the situation she’s found herself in, the scales finally fall from Sarah’s eyes and she tells Callum they’re finished. But when Callum shows her photos of Bethany acting as his drug mule, Sarah realises he’s got her right where he wants her – and agrees to stay quiet about his illegal dealings.

Carla reveals to Michelle that she went to Las Vegas and lost a fortune gambling, explaining that the thrill of her new addiction helps her block out memories of the fire. Desperate to help Carla see sense, Michelle recruits the help of Roy – but Carla is in no mood to listen.

Tim’s attempt to surprise Sally with a holiday to Wales falls flat when she point blank refuses to take time off work at such short notice. With Tim in Wales with Faye, Kevin calls round to keep Sally and Sophie company.

Beth feels sorry for an upset Joni when she tells her that her marriage to Robert was over a long time ago. Meanwhile, Roy is proud of Cathy’s progress.