Toadie offers his support as Callum steels himself for Troy’s funeral but, when asked to say a few words over the coffin, he’s surprised when Callum steps forward to present a eulogy in which he honours Troy as a soldier. After the service, a proud Toadie takes Callum home where he can finally grieve in his own way. Meanwhile, Sonya and Jade take a trip down memory lane when they find a time capsule they’d once buried at their gran’s old house.

Kate continues to urge Kyle not to tell Jade about their kiss but Kyle just can’t take the guilt and keeps trying to get a minute to talk to his busy girlfriend. However, Sophie learns the truth about what happened and insists Kate face the consequences of her actions. Kate eventually agrees and decides to face the fall-out head on.

When Jade returns from her outing with Sonya, Kate catches up with her and reveals her betrayal, turning Jade’s world upside down. Jade turns on Kyle who faces the full force of her rage and is quickly ordered out into the street.